Electronic Vs. Table

Players of roulette have continued to favour live action games, preferring to play with real chips and human dealers. However, the want for electronic table games is there, especially regarding the game of roulette.

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Celebrating Valentine's Day at Rainbow Casino

At Rainbow Casino, we have Valentines packages available for everyone, whether you’re celebrating love with your partner or a friend.

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What is Mahjong?

Originating in China, Mahjong is a tiles (like dominos) game that consists of three or four players using 136 numbered tiles.

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Chinese New Year

In Chinese astrology, every year is related to a Chinese zodiac animal according to their 12-year cycle. 2018 will be a year of the dog.

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Why you should become a Member at Rainbow Casino

Becoming a member at Rainbow Casinos couldn’t be easier. You can become a member instantly online or by visiting any of our casinos.

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Gambling Responsibly

Does gambling responsibly mean you should set a limit before you go to a casino? Should you only gamble against friends? Or is it that the experience should be kept fun and exciting without potential financial or emotional trouble?

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