Electronic Vs. Table

Players of roulette have continued to favour live action games, preferring to play with real chips and human dealers. However, the want for electronic table games is there, especially regarding the game of roulette.

Electronic roulette features touch screens for electronic betting. Wagers are settled automatically with no mistakes, and it means there is no downtime waiting for dealers to pay winners or collect the necessary chips.

For those who want to offer lower minimum bets, electronic table games are ideal. On a busy night, a player who wants to bet a smaller amount may not be able to find a spot at the live game table, but they may be able to play at an electronic game.

The odds of an electronic game are set up to mimic the live games. However, as with slot machines, many players are apprehensive. Some think that one big win will cause the machine to compensate by making it more difficult for others. As with table games, the odds of electronic games remain the same for every play. There is no need for the game to compensate as in the long run, the odds will lead to an expected overall percentage. Outcomes come from either an auto wheel or via a live table game within the casino.

How to Play Electronic Roulette

If you’re a roulette beginner, you may find it easier to start off on an electronic table. Start by inserting money into your chosen machine and select the value of chip you wish to play. Place your bets by touching the screen where you want the bets to go. One touch means one chip bet, two touches means two chips bet and so on.

The machine will do the rest for you; highlighting the winning areas and crediting you with your winnings if necessary. At Rainbow Casino, our electronic Roulette terminals are linked to a live game or auto wheel. All that’s needed from you is to choose which one to play!

Once the game is over, press the cash button to receive a ticket with the value of your credits on it. This can be exchanged for cash at the cash desk. Or, you can use the same ticket in another electronic game or slot machine.

At Rainbow Casino, we have both table and electronic roulette for all your gaming needs. If you’re new to casino games, our staff, hosts and dealers are on hand to teach you the rules of the games at any one of our fantastic casinos. We hope to welcome to your nearest casino soon.

Rainbow Casino is an over 18’s venue and promotes responsible gambling.