Club Electric Vs Team Table
Published: 20/10/2020

What are the differences? What are the similarities? Which do you prefer?

So many questions! This blog looks at both electronic and table games with a view to decide which one you may prefer.

What are the differences?

At Rainbow Casino, we refer to electronic games such as Slots or Electronic Roulette as ‘Club Electric’. These games operate either by using a Random Number Generator or can be linked to a live action table, such as Roulette. In some cases, electronic machines can offer lower price betting options, you should compare before you decide.

Team Table refers to all casino games that are dealt on a table, such as Roulette, Blackjack or Three Card Poker. These games will always be dealt by a human dealer and will include the handing of casino chips and sometimes cards.

What are the similarities?

Slot Machines hold no similarities to any table game. The look, feel and operation are completely different. To play a Slot Machine, a player must insert cash into a Slot Machine, select a betting amount then press a button to play. The reels will then decide the outcome. Learn more about how to play slots here.

Electronic Roulette and Roulette share a lot of similarities, because they are the same game! The rules and odds of the game are the same; the main difference, one is played on a table and the other on an electronic machine. To play Roulette, a player must buy-in for an amount of chips of their choosing, chips are then placed on a variety of betting options during a spin of the ball (learn more here), once the ball lands on a number, the player will find out if they have won or lost on that spin. The same occurs with Electronic Roulette, however a player plays with ‘credit’ rather than buying-in for an amount of chips.

Which do you prefer?

Some players favour live table games, preferring to play with real chips in their hands and talking to our friendly dealers. There is also an element of decision making on table games too, such as deciding if they should accept another card on Blackjack to get closer to 21. It can also feel more exciting when there are more people together on a table.

Some other players prefer electronic games such as slots, where they can play independently on their own machine at their own pace. It can be a calmer and quieter environment compared to the tables but only if you want it to be because a few friends together can make it just as exciting as the tables!

If you are a beginner to Roulette, you may find it easier to start off on an Electronic Roulette machine. These can offer lower betting options, the seclusion of your own space and can be linked to a live game.

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