Rainbow Casino WIFI Terms of Use

The Company (Double Diamond Gaming Limited) offers via The Venues (Rainbow Casino) the service of wireless internet access (Rainbow Casino WIFI) for its customers (Users).

To connect to Rainbow Casino WIFI you must use an appropriate device that is safe and undisruptive to other users. If the network is protected by password, a member of staff will be able to provide the password.

Rainbow Casino will not guarantee assistance in accessing or use of Rainbow Casino WIFI and that it being available at all times.

Access to Rainbow Casino WIFI is complimentary but this may change and you will be notified when connecting to the service.

Acceptable and Fair Use

We reserve the rights to limit usage, speed, devices, number of users, access to sites, services, apps and any other aspects of the internet we deem appropriate to maintain quality of service for users.

Rainbow Casino WIFI service is intended for email, instant messaging, social media, internet browsing and using apps, which we consider fair use. Any activities including the above that may reduce the speed at which other users of the wifi service can access it is not deemed fair use. In particular, downloading very large files, streaming and using peer to peer and file sharing software requiring large amounts of bandwidth and data usage, will not be considered acceptable and fair use.

Prohibited Use
  1. You agree to not use the WIFI for any illegal or unlawful purposes.
  2. You agree to not use the Wi-Fi for accessing, sending, distributing, sharing or posting any computer viruses, software, apps or any harmful code, or any material which is defamatory, offensive or obscene.
  3. You agree to not use the WIFI for any commercial purposes without agreement from Rainbow Casino.
  4. Having access to Rainbow Casino WIFI does not give you the right to claim any location, landmark, status or assume to be a representative of Rainbow Casino or Doubled Diamond Gaming Limited.
  5. You agree to not impair, access without permission, interrupt or damage the Rainbow Casino WIFI services and its operations.
  6. We reserve the right to prohibit use of the Rainbow Casino WIFI if you are in breach of these terms of use and may also suspend your access to our venues.

Data Protection

We will process your Personal Data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

By using Rainbow Casino WIFI you authorise Double Diamond Gaming Limited to store and process information of your device, how many times you use the wifi service, where you use it, at what times you use it, internet services accessed, the quantity of data traffic and how long each session lasts.

We may process and store information of your use of our wifi service from the information captured from your device from its connection and usage of our wifi service to monitor and improve quality of service. This information helps us to build a profile of our users for statistical purposes and to improve how we provide our wifi service to you. Most of this data will be aggregated into groups, which means that we will not identify your device individually.


We will not be liable for any loss, damage, corruption of monies, savings, discounts, opportunities, income, revenue, business, data, or device hardware, from using Rainbow Casino WIFI.

You agree to indemnify and hold us and our managers, directors, agents and employees from and against all liabilities, claims, losses, damages, costs and other expenses, however caused, that may arise as a result of or in connection with access and use to Rainbow Casino WIFI.