Club Rules


The Company who operate the casino is Double Diamond Gaming Ltd who are licenced to operate casinos by The Gambling Commission. (Hereinafter called “The Company”) whose Head Office is 10th Floor, Cobalt Square, Hagley Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B16 8QG

The Company operate casinos under the brand name “Rainbow Casino”

The Company will provide all reasonable necessities for carrying on its business in accordance with its objectives and these rules. The Company supports the Gambling Commissions objectives.


The Company operates for the furtherance of social and recreational activities and to provide amenities for gaming and entertainment and for providing food and refreshments in accordance with the laws for the time being applicable.


The Company may from time to time make, vary and revoke the club rules for the regulation of the internal affairs of The Company and the conduct of patrons therein. Bye-laws shall be deemed to be incorporated into the rules of The Company.


Membership is compulsory to enter the casino. Valid photographic I.D. will be required. Patrons who wish to gamble at levels in excess of the AML and POCA requirements will be asked to provide evidence of occupation and proof of funds.

No one under the age of 18 is allowed admission into this Casino.


The casino will open at such hours as The Company decides or as stated in conditions of licensing by The Local Authority.


Patrons shall, subject to these rules, be entitled to use and enjoy (in common with other patrons) the casino premises and the products therein provided by the Proprietor for the use of patrons, but shall not by reason of patronage alone be under any financial liability.


Casino management may at their sole discretion withhold from customers the payment of stakes and/or winnings for the purposes of recovery (in whole, or in part) of outstanding debts owed by the customer to the Company,


In the event that a patron is suspected of cheating or gaining gaming chips or pay out tickets through unscrupulous means, The Company reserve the right to withhold payment. Any cash, tickets or gaming chips will be retained by the casino until the patron can prove the legitimacy of possession. Payment will be withheld from those customers who are Barred or Excluded and have gained entry through our Walk In Policy.


Gambling is offered on licensed premises which operate under the rules and laws of the 2005 Gambling Act, the Licensing Codes of Practice (LCCP) and industry approved rules of the games and compliance with the club rules.The Casino is licensed by the Local Authority under the Gambling Act 2005, the Licensing Act 2003 and in Scotland the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005.


The Company reserve the right to suspend any patrons without notice, at any time and without explanation. Such suspensions may also be enforced at any other casino operated by the Company. Any patron who is suspended will forfeit any rights or privileges offered by the casino, The Company or its subsidiaries.


The Company is bound by the Social Responsibility requirements of the Gambling Act 2005 (“GA2005”) and the Gambling Commission’s Licence Conditions & Codes of Practice (“LCCP”). The Company is committed to ensuring that gambling is kept crime free and conducted in a fair and open manner in accordance with the licensing objectives of the Gambling Act 2005. Accordingly, the Casino will ensure any patron who is caught cheating in the Casino will not be permitted to benefit from their criminal act. Breach of this rule will invalidate any gaming so affected and any stakes or winnings hazarded shall be forfeit.

The Casino may disclose information relating to relevant suspended patrons to regulatory and enforcement authorities and to other casino operating companies for the prevention and detection of crime, insofar as this is consistent with the Casino’s obligations under Data Protection legislation.


Whilst every patron is responsible for their own actions, the Casino, as part of The Company, is committed to promote responsible gambling for all patrons and to provide options for assistance to those who have difficulty in controlling their gambling.

As part of that code the Casino operates a self-exclusion policy which will be implemented if a patron seeks to Voluntary Self Exclude (VSE) themselves from any of our properties giving problem gambling or financial reasons for the exclusion. Any period of self-exclusion will last for a period of at least 6 months. Once a patron has VSE from one of The Companies casinos, it will automatically be imposed across all casinos owned and operated by The Company.

The Company is a member of the SENSE VSE Scheme.

This is a National Exclusion scheme and customers using SENSE will be excluded from all UK Casinos. As with the local scheme, see above, the minimum period of exclusion is six months.

Whilst the casino will, in accordance with GA2005 and the LCCP, use its best endeavours to prevent the entry of self-excluded patrons, it remains the responsibility of the patron not to enter or attempt to enter or gamble in any property or facility operated by The Company. Double Diamond Gaming Ltd will not be liable for any losses suffered by any patron found to have used any gaming facility owned or operated by The Company and in contravention of the terms of their Self Exclusion agreement. Furthermore, in such circumstances Double Diamond Gaming Ltd will not return any stake monies and will refuse the payment of any winnings and may seek from the patron any winnings reasonably identifiable by The Company.

In consideration of us permitting entry to this casino, the following terms are applicable to, and binding upon, (a) persons entering or seeking to enter this casino who self-exclude from gambling or have self-excluded from gambling via SENSE and (b) any third party who gambles in this casino on behalf of any such person:

  • money or money’s worth staked by them, or by any such third party on their behalf, and any winnings arising therefrom will be forfeited and
  • gambling losses incurred by them, or by any such third party where they have gambled on their behalf, will not be reimbursed.
    • In the above respect, “money or money’s worth staked” includes (without limitation) not only money, money’s worth, gambling chips and/or tokens paid to and accepted by this casino in respect of a gambling transaction but also

(a)gambling chips and/or tokens in respect of which, in advance of any gambling transaction taking place, money and/or money’s worth has been exchanged and / or

(b)money, money’s worth, gambling chips and/or tokens which have been inserted into a gaming machine or gambling terminal (whether or not any gambling transaction has taken place).

Anyone who has money on deposit from gaming at the time of exclusion will have that money returned to them at that time.


No property belonging to The Company or the casino will be removed by any of its patrons. The Company, casino or subsidiaries or staff will not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to property on the premises whether or not entrusted to the care of the Casino or any of its staff including vehicles or their contents left or parked on casino premises or car parks


In accordance with the LCCP patrons are advised that it is the policy of the casino not to protect patrons’ funds held on deposit in the event of insolvency.


The sale or supply of intoxicating liquor in the Casino shall be as determined by statutory provision and local regulation. Management will refuse a Customer further alcoholic beverages if, in their opinion, that Customer is exhibiting signs of intoxication.


No game of hazard or chance shall be played in the Casino otherwise than in accordance with the regulations or as stated in The Rules of the Games as displayed in the casino.

No device (whether electrical, mechanical or otherwise), skill, trick or deception may be used by any patron whether on or off the premises, the purposes of which is intended to cheat or to gain an unfair advantage in, or to influence, any gaming on the Casino premises. Breach of this rule will invalidate any gaming so affected and any winnings or stakes wagered shall be forfeit. Double Diamond Gaming Ltd will notify the Police, Gambling Commission and any other relevant authority of such occurrence(s) where it considers it appropriate to do so.

We do not allow the use of any electronic device, including mobile phones, adjacent to Gaming Tables, Touch Bet Machines or Slots. Nor do we allow the taking of any photographs or video images.

Gaming chips issued by the Casino remain the property of the Casino and must be returned or redeemed (as appropriate) on demand.


Patrons will be required to produce identification which is acceptable to The Company when gaming or transacting at certain threshold levels to ensure compliance with AML/CTF legislation. (See point 3 above Membership)

Double Diamond Gaming Ltd may, as part of its ID verification processes and general enhanced due diligence procedures, conduct checks on patrons with a recognised fraud prevention agency to ensure compliance with AML/CTF legislation.

Double Diamond Gaming Ltd may, as part of its regulatory obligations seek information to the source of patrons funds which may be used for gaming transactions or in connection with any other business relationship. Double Diamond Gaming Ltd also reserves the right not to proceed with any transaction and/or to freeze any monies in its possession until such time that The Company has obtained the required information to its sole satisfaction or that it is satisfied it has completed any other processes that may be required under AML/ CTF legislation.


Double Diamond Gaming Ltd takes your privacy very seriously. This Corporate Privacy Policy sets out our data processing practices and your options regarding the ways in which your personal information is used. If you have any requests concerning your personal information or any queries with regard to these practices please speak to a member of Staff at the time you register as a member. The Casino collects personal information through the use of loyalty registration forms to satisfy required customer due diligence / enhanced due diligence and when you contact us.

The Casino will use your information collected for the purpose of:

  • Providing and personalising its services.
  • Dealing with customer enquiries and requests.
  • Discharging its duties in so far as ensuring we prevent gambling being associated with crime.
  • Carrying out market research surveys.
  • Contacting you by email, SMS, telephone or post with information about our products and services as indicated on your Registration form.
  • Sharing your information with third party organisations who offer products or services which we feel may be of interest to you. But only if you agree to receive such information

The Casino may also use and disclose information in aggregate form (so that no individuals are identified) for marketing and strategic development purposes. When you complete our Registration form you are asked to confirm if you consent to receive information about our products and services. You may opt out of receiving marketing communications at any time by contacting the Casino.

The Casino will only disclose personal information to government and law enforcement agencies, future owners of our business and suppliers we engage to process data on your behalf.

Customers have a right to access the personal data held about you and to obtain a copy of this data please complete a Data Subject Request Form which a Casino Manager will provide. This form should be forwarded to the Company’s Data Protection Officer.


The Casino shall be the sole authority for interpreting the Casino Rules and for settling any disputes relating to the affairs of the Casino and the conduct of customers. Any question arising as to the rights, powers or duties of the Company in relation to the Casino shall be solely determined by the Company. The Casino is bound by the Complaints and Disputes requirements of GA2005 and the LCCP. Accordingly, Double Diamond Gaming Ltd operates a Complaints & Disputes Policy in accordance with current governing regulations. A copy of this Policy is available on request. Customers are reminded that it is necessary to adhere to this Policy and permit the Casino to complete any internal investigations and reviews prior to any referral to a third-party dispute resolution service.


Animals, with the exception of guide dogs are not allowed into the casino.


All Customers are expected to behave in an acceptable manner. Management will ask Customers to leave the Casino if, in their opinion, their behaviour falls below that standard. We expect our Customers to have a reasonable standard of dress. Management have the final decision on whether or not a Customer’s dress is acceptable.


The Casino operates a “zero tolerance” policy to drugs. Any customer found to be in possession of or using any illegal substance will be asked to leave the premises immediately, reported to Police and banned. Anyone found to be asking for drugs or offering drugs will also be banned and reported to Police.

23. Wi-Fi POLICY

A complimentary Wi-Fi service is offered to customers. Those who choose to utilise this service must accept the Casino’s Terms Use Policy. The Proprietor is not liable for any loss or damage that may be caused through using this service and will not be held responsible for any such outcome.

24. CCTV

For the security of Staff and Customers the premises are covered by C.C.T.V. and audio systems and is operated in accordance with GDPR.