The History of Slots Machines

Here's some history about the iconic slot machine.

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St. Patrick's Day Facts

St. Patrick’s Day takes place on the 17th March to celebrate the life of the Patron Saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. Here are some interesting facts about this observed date.

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Celebrate National Pie Week at Rainbow Casino

At Rainbow Casino we love a bit of pie. Here’s our selection of this hearty and filling meal from our brand new menu to celebrate National Pie Week.

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St. David’s Day Facts

St. David is the Patron Saint of Wales. On the 1st March annually, Welsh people celebrate this day in various ways. click here for some interesting facts about the day.

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History of the Six Nations

To celebrate this year’s Six Nations, we wanted to take a look at the history of this important game.

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Valentine's Day Around the World

Every country has their own way of showing their special someone how much they love them. Here’s just some of the many ways this day is celebrated around the world.

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