beginners guide to Slot Machines

Publsihed 21/09/2020

Slot machines have been around for years and casinos have seen a huge increase in demand over recent years. The more modern machines offer video reels and 3D technology.

Our slots are the most up to date machines on the market with touch screen options and “how to play” information available on the screens. This guide allows you to prepare and understand the game before your visit.

  1. Choose the slot machine you wish to play. Put the money in the bill acceptor. Money inserted will be shown in the ‘Bank’.
  2. Collect your winnings by pressing the cash out button. When the cash out ticket is printed you can insert into another machine or exchange it for cash at the cash desk.
  3. Select the game you want to play by touching the game on screen.
  4. Transfer the money from the bank to the credit by pressing the TRANSFER button.
  5. Choose how much you would like to stake per spin. Some slots allow you to choose to play from as little as 20p per spin.
  6. If you win, the slot machine will show you how and what you have won by displaying your ‘win’ and ‘win lines’. Any winnings will go into the bank.

Additional Information about the Rainbow Casino Slot Machines

Random Number Generator

Every slot machine contains a microcomputer called the Random Number Generator (RNG) that is generating numbers constantly, even when the machine is not being used. The RNG typically generates numbers between 1 and several billion hundreds of times every second.

The numbers that are generated are used to determine the position of the reels in the slot machine. When a player pulls on the handle or hits the spin button all they do, is asking the machine to display the position of the latest numbers that have been generated.

TITO explained (ticket in ticket out)

Players insert cash into the gaming machine and begin to play

When the player is ready for a break or want to finish, they press COLLECT and a ticket is printed with the collected credit amount.

This ticket is then either:

a) Inserted into another machine via the bill acceptor for continued play or

b) Redeemed for cash at a cash redemption machine or cashier station.

Two Common Myths about Slots

Myth: Slot machines positioned at busy areas within the Casino pay-out more than the ones situated in quieter locations.

Fact: All of the Rainbow Casino slot machines are random, with prize pay-outs up to 94%. The location of the slot machines makes no difference to the chances of winning.

Myth: The slot machine odds are controlled by the Casino and/or it staff.

Fact: Rainbow Casino and its staff have NO control over the outcome of the games played on the slot machines.

Rainbow Casino is an over-18’s venue and promotes responsible gambling. For more information or support regarding responsible gambling visit GamCare