Famous James Bond movie casino scenes


13th April was the 66th anniversary of Ian Fleming’s first book, Casino Royale, being published. Since 1953, the James Bond character has become a British institution, which has created further books, a famous movie franchise and popular games. However, you can’t really talk about James Bond unless you mention the iconic casino moments in the films:

Dr No (1962)

The first Bond film set the bar high for future sequels, with Sean Connery making his debut in the iconic role. Bond enters a fictional London casino for a game of Baccarat (also known as Punto Banco). As the franchise was in its infancy, the main focus was to lay the foundation to make Bond synonymous with casinos. In the scene, Bond sits across his future love interest, Sylvia Trench at a gambling table. Most viewers forget that it was in fact Trench that conceived Bond’s famous line “Trench…Sylvia Trench” to which Bond replies “Bond…James Bond” to mock her attitude towards him.

Thunderball (1965)

With his third outing on the big screen, Bond is well acquainted with the world of gambling. Back playing Baccarat, Bond squares off in a game of wits with new villain, Emilio Largo. Our hero and our villain essentially play two games at once. They shuffle their cards and pretend that they do not know each other. This is where we see an innocent game of Baccarat turned into a battle field without weapons, as both men try to outsmart each other and push to see who will break character first.

Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

After nearly ten years of playing Bond, this would be Connery’s final film before he stepped down from the franchise. This film’s casino scene takes place inside the epicentre of casino culture, Las Vegas. Bond moves away from Baccarat for this film and enters into the game of Craps. As with all James Bond films, playing in a casino is only ever a cover for his true focus. This time, Bond’s target is Plenty O’Toole. Bond catches her attention by raising his bet to $10,000 (roughly, £7,555 in today’s money), which peaks the interest of those around him. Bond ultimately wins $65,000 and generously gives $5,000 to Ms O’Toole which triggers the next part of his mission.

Casino Royale (2006)

Over 50’s years after the first book was published, the Bond franchise was given a massive shake up in the mid 2000’s. They casted Daniel Craig in the titular role and moved away slightly from the gadgets and CGI stunts that were dominant in the 90’s Bond films. The casino scenes were also given more screen time. Le Chiffre is the villain and the game is Texas Hold’em. Cards are clung to, the stakes are raised and Bond takes a break in-between gambling to fight Le Chiffre’s henchmen, behind the casino. Bond switches from suave calculating player to no holds bar brawler, with ease. The back and forth gets too much for Bond and he loses his stake. Luckily, CIA agent Felix Leiter is prepared to stake him in. Bond wins the game and gives the dealer a $1 million tip for good measure.

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