How is Gambling Regulated in the UK?

The gambling industry in the UK offers a range of gambling to the public including casinos, betting shops and bingo halls, all of which can be found on the average British high street or online. Operators behind these gambling businesses must hold the necessary licence issued by the Gambling Commission and local authorities.


The minimum legal age for gambling in the United Kingdom is 18 years old. This age applies to gaming centers, betting shops, bingo halls, casinos, racetracks and online gambling. There are some exceptions to this, for example the National Lottery require a legal minimum age of 16.


Gambling businesses must adhere to the industry code for socially responsible advertising. This includes television advertising both pre and post watershed, radio messaging, online banners, sports sponsorships, television program sponsorships and social media. You can read the full gambling industry code here.

Social Gaming

In the UK, games that do not allow you to win money or money's worth fall outside of the government's regulations. However, some of these social games are extremely popular and highly interactive, bearing a huge resemblance to real casino games. Therefore, regulators in the UK and elsewhere may revalue regulations.

Gambling should be a fun and exciting experience for all who are involved. Gamblers should not put forward more money than they can afford and should enter games with a budget to ensure this.

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