three card poker

This very popular game is based on the game of 3 card brag and is sometimes referred to as BritBrag.

How to play

There are four betting positions, Ante, Pair Plus, Play and Prime.


Place a bet on the ante section and the dealer will deal three cards to each person. Look at your cards and decide if you want to play.


If you do play, place a bet equal to your ante bet on the play section and place your cards under the play bet. If you do not want to continue simply fold your cards and your ante bet loses.

Pair Plus:

You can make an additional bet on the pair plus section where you bet that your hand will contain a pair or better. Winning hands will be paid according to the pay table below.


Is another additional side bet. To play, just place your bet on the Prime betting section. To play the Prime you must also be playing either the Ante section or Pair Plus. You are betting that your hand will contain three cards, all of the same colour. If it does, you will be paid at odds of 3 - 1. If your three cards are all the same colour and the dealer also has 3 cards the same colour as the cards in your hand you will be paid at odds of 4 - 1. If any one of the three cards in the players hand is a different colour to the others then your Prime side wager will lose.

Straight Flush 35-1

3 Of a Kind 33-1

Straight 6-1

Flush 4-1

Pair Even

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