Blackjack or 21 as it is sometimes known is played worldwide and is an easy and fun game to learn and play. You play against the dealer and try to achieve a higher total than them without going over 21.

How to play

To Start

You play with cash chips which you can either bring from another table or buy from the table you want to play on. Simply place your cash on the table and the dealer will give you your chips.

Each player places their bets on the betting box and the dealer will deal two cards to each player and one card to themselves.

You decide what to do next.

The dealer will tell you the value of your cards and you decide if you want to take another card or cards.

The aim is to achieve a score as close to 21 as you can. You can take as many or as few cards as you decide.

When you are happy with your total you tell the dealer that you will "stand" and the dealer will move to the next player. When all players are happy with their totals the dealer will deal to themselves. A dealer must take a card on 16 or below and stand on 17 or over.

If your total is higher than the dealer you win and will be paid at even money. If you bet £1 you win £1. If your total is lower than the dealer you lose your stake. If your total is the same as the dealer your bet stands.

If you get a pair you can split them, all you have to do is make a bet equal to your original bet and you will have two hands to play. You can also choose to double your original stake with your first two cards but you can only have one extra card.

If you get a 10 card with an Ace this is Blackjack and providing the dealer doesn't get the same you will be paid at 3 to 2. For £3 you will get £4.50.

Remember cards are counted at face value but an Ace will be eleven unless it takes your total over 21 and then it will be counted as one.

Blackjack Side Bets

Some Blackjack tables offer additional side bets. These are extra bets to the main game and are optional.

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