Electronic Roulette

This allows you to play a live game of roulette but on your own electronic terminal. You can sit, away from the hustle and bustle of the main tables, at your own roulette station and place bets on a screen.

How to play

To buy credits simply put your cash in the slot on the machine and it is converted to chips. You can place your bets exactly the same as a live table game by touching the screen where you want your bets to go. One touch equals one chip bet, two touches equals two chips bet etc.

The machine will do the rest, it highlights the winning areas and credits your terminal with your winnings.

The terminals are linked to a live game or Auto Wheel, you choose which one you want to play.

When you have finished playing simply press the cash button and you will receive a ticket to the value of your credits which you can exchange for cash at the cash desk. Alternatively you can use your ticket in another electronic terminal or slot machine.

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