Nearly every popular American TV show has a ‘Casino Episode’ where the cast fly to another part of the country (normally Las Vegas) for a weekend of fun and revelations. Although TV presents a hyperbolic version of what occurs inside a casino, we can’t help but laugh at the crazy antics that some of our beloved characters have gotten themselves into at these establishments. To celebrate World TV Day, here’s a list of our top five memorable casino episodes from TV *SPOILERS AHEAD*:

Friends – The one in Vegas: Part 2 (Season 5 Episode 24)

This episode is in two parts, which sees the friends travel to Las Vegas to visit Joey, in part 1. The gang enter the casino with emotional baggage, as Monica and Chandler argue. Chandler bets that if he wins his next game that he and Monica get married, which he does. Before they can reach the Chapel, they are beaten to it by Rachel and Ross who run out of the chapel as husband and wife, with one of TV’s most shocking twists in viewing history.

Sex and the City – Luck be an Old Lady (Season 5, Episode 3)

The women travel to a casino in Atlantic City to celebrate Charlotte’s 36th Birthday. The birthday girl is reluctant to celebrate getting older. Miranda is self-conscious about her body, due to recently giving birth. Samantha is anxious, as she believes that her boyfriend is having an affair, which leaves Carrie trying to keep her friends happy during their stay. An iconic moment in this episode sees Carrie being dubbed ‘Blondie’ by a Punter, blowing on his dice for luck and him winning a game.

How I Met your Mother – Good Crazy (Season 7 Episode 22)

Marshall and Lilly are due to have a baby, which sends Marshall into panic mode and worrying that he will be a bad Dad. To calm his nerves about the birth, Lilly arranges for Marshall and his friends Ted and Barney, to have a surprise boy’s weekend at a casino in Atlantic City, much to Marshall’s delight. Whilst the boys are having fun in the casino, Lily goes into labour. The boys frantically try to return to New York in time for the birth, with comedic moments along the way.

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