The day of love is observed around the world on 14th February annually, in remembrance of Saint Valentine. Every country has their own way of showing their special someone how much they love them. Here’s just some of the many ways this day is celebrated around the world.

United Kingdom

Centuries ago on Valentine's Day Eve, single women placed bay leaves on their pillows, one in each corner and one in the centre, in order to bring forth dreams of a future husband. In modern day Britain, couples celebrate by going out for dinner or buying each other gifts such as wine, flowers and chocolate.


France is most associated with love. Over 100 people get married by the Eiffel Tower, annually. Historically, French men and women would fill opposite houses and took turns calling out to one another and paired off. Men could leave their current partner for another woman. Jilted women gathered afterwards for a bonfire and destroyed pictures of their former lovers. The bonfires were banned by the French government, as they became out of control.


The equivalent to Valentine's Day in China is Qixi, which is celebrated in August, every year. During Qixi, young single women prepare offerings of melons and other fruits in the hopes of finding a husband. Couples also head to temples to pray for happiness, prosperity and future children in their relationship.


The country where it all began. The patron Saint Valentine, spread messages of love and romance throughout Rome. Centuries later, this is now echoed around the world. Historically, single women woke up before dawn to spot their future husbands outside. The belief was that the first man they saw on Valentine's Day was the man that they would marry within a year. Or he would at least strongly resemble the man that she would marry. Today, a popular Valentine's Day gift in Italy is Baci Perugina, which are small chocolate-covered hazelnuts, wrapped in paper with a romantic quote.

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