Top Tips for planning a perfect Night Out

Planning the ideal night out for you and your friends should be a fun experience, and it need not be a stress or hassle! We’ve put together our top tips on how to plan the perfect night out, from choosing the right venues to making sure everyone is happy with the decided choices.

Plan in Advance

Planning your night out well in advance is the best way to ensure things run as smooth as possible when the big night finally comes around. If there’s a big group of you getting together, our advice is to plan at least two-three weeks before, guaranteeing everyone can make it, and afford it. Planning your night in advance will also allow you to have plenty of time to discuss where to go and what to do!

Keep People Happy

It can be difficult choosing the right venue. People have different tastes, so it’s important you all discuss and compromise where needed. Why not go somewhere that has something for everyone, like Rainbow Casino? Enjoy some casino games or visit the restaurant and bar for a more relaxing evening. Discussing in advance will prevent any confusion or upset from occurring on the night.

Advance Booking

Sometimes venues and restaurants can fill up quickly, especially on busier nights like a Friday or Saturday. Once you have discussed where you’re going, take the time to give the restaurant or venue a call to let them know you’d like to book a table for your group of friends. This way, you’ll be sure to have a table ready and waiting for you, and it will save any disappointment on the night.

Party Packages

Perhaps you’re heading out to celebrate a birthday or special occasion. Looking out for some great deals on party packages can make the night all the more special and dedicated to you. Rainbow Casino offers fantastic party packages to make your night as perfect and carefree as possible. Treat yourself to the Diamond Package and get a 3-course-meal, drink, gaming tuition and gaming vouchers all included in the price!


When the night finally rolls around, make sure you’re fully prepared to have a great time! Go out and buy a new outfit in advance, ensure you’ve stocked up on some delicious pre-drinks and get the group together for some snaps beforehand.

At Rainbow Casino, we can provide the perfect night out for you and your friends, no matter what your personal preference, we really do have something for everyone! If you’re interested in one of our party packages, or perhaps you’d like to book a table at one of our fantastic restaurants, get in touch with a member of the Rainbow Casino team today!