St. George’s day

Published on 23/04/2019

St. George is the Patron Saint of England, Aragon, Catalonia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal, and Russia. Here are some interesting facts about St. George’s Day:

St. George doesn’t have a castle in England

Despite being the patron Saint for England, St. George’s origins traces back to modern day Turkey and he allegedly never set foot on English soil. Most surprising of all, there is no castle for St. George in England and is in fact in Lisbon, Portugal. The castle is known as Castelo de S. Jorge. Other UK Saints; St. Patrick (Ireland), St. Andrew (Scotland) and St. David (Wales) have castles in their respective countries.

No, he did not fight a dragon

A common story most associated with St. George is the story involving him and a dragon. The legend goes that St. George rescued a princess from a dragon in the 11th century. The story had innocent intentions and was a way of explaining to people the extent of George’s physical strength and a metaphor of good triumphing over evil.

Edward III pushed for George to become a saint

King Edward III was born in 1312, centuries after the death of St. George. However, throughout Edward’s reign, he was inspired by St. George and didn’t want him to fade into obscurity. Edward III made St. George the patron saint of England, when he founded England’s Order of the Garter in 1350. The number of saint days in the calendar was dramatically decreased as the years went by, but St. George's Day was among the holidays that continued to be observed.

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Images by Ronny K from Pixabay