St. David’s Day Facts

Published 25/02/2019

St. David is the Patron Saint of Wales. On the 1st March annually, Welsh people celebrate this day in various ways. Here are some interesting facts about St. David’s Day:

The flag of St. David is very different from the Welsh flag

All UK Saints have their own flag, which contains the same colours as their country’s flag. However, despite the welsh flag being green and white with a red dragon, St. David’s flag is a yellow cross on a black background.

St. David’s Day is not a bank holiday in Wales

Over the years, many Welsh people have expressed a desire to turn St. David’s Day into a bank holiday. The closest Wales has come to achieving this request, was in the mid-2000’s, but the request was turned down by Parliament. In some parts of Wales, some schools and businesses finish early on the day instead.

St. David’s was allegedly a vegetarian

St. David and his monks followed a simple life. They ploughed the fields by hand, rather than using oxen and didn’t eat meat or drink beer. St. David himself was reported to have a diet mainly consisting of leeks and water. It is believed this is why the leek became a national symbol of Wales.

There is a city called St. David’s…and it’s tiny

The city is based in Pembrokeshire, Wales where St. David’s Cathedral is also located. St. David’s holds the distinction of being the smallest city in the UK, with a square mileage of 17.93. To put that into perspective, the square mileage of London is 607. St. David’s also holds the status of being the smallest populated city in the UK, with a population of around 1,372 as of 2017.

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