Planning the Perfect Party- A Rainbow Experience

Planning the perfect party can be a stressful experience- with so much to organise, it’s easy to forget about vital party essentials. It needn’t be a chore, however. We’ve done the stressful part for you by composing a guide and making the planning a stress-free, fun experience.

Choose a Theme

We recommend choosing a party theme as the first step in your party planning process. Until you’ve picked a theme, or lack of, it’s difficult to plan anything else. There are a lot of themes to choose from, so you may feel spoilt for choice, but it’s completely down to you! We’d recommend browsing party themes online by category, and thinking of how the rest of your party can reflect your theme of choice.

What’s the Budget?

Another important factor of party planning is deciding how much you want to spend. Costs can add up quickly, especially when you impulse buy, which is why it’s good to give yourself plenty of time to plan! You can avoid over-spending by setting yourself a budget and sticking to it. It’s completely down to the individual as to how much you want to spend, so look at your outgoing costs and decide what would work best for you.

Dates, Venue, Guest list

It’s best to get these details sorted early on. If you have the budget to suit, hiring a venue is the ideal way to throw an extravagant party, though limiting the guest list and holding the party at home is great for those on a budget. Make sure you let your guests know about the party well in advance, giving them the chance to save the date! We recommend sending invites around a month in advance to avoid conflicting plans.

Let us do it for you

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If we can do anything else to make your party that little bit more special, whether it be a cocktail, champagne or birthday cake, simply let us know! We will do what we can to arrange it for you. For more information, you can get in touch with the casino of your choice here.