History of the Six Nations


This rugby tournament is the oldest in the world (having started in 1882), however the modern Six Nations championships are relatively new, only forming in 2000. To celebrate this year’s Six Nations, we wanted to take a look at the history of this important game.

Home Nations (1800’s)

The Home Nations was the first version of this rugby tournament. The teams included England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Although England had a strong start for the first few years, Scotland was the overall winner during this period, as the team were crowned champions 11 times.

Five Nations (1900’s)

The rugby tournament became the Five Nations. This was due to the addition of France into the competition. The Five Nations went on a hiatus during the First and Second World War, as some players served in the military for their respective countries. Despite being the new kids on the block, France gave the other countries a run for their money, as they were the champions 20 times during this period.

Six Nations (2000–present)

The tournament was expanded again and became the Six Nations, after Italy joined in 2000 and has remained this way ever since. Italy have had a rocky time of it, as they hold the record for the most Wooden Spoons (the lowest award you can receive), with 13. At one point, Italy came last in the Six Nations four years in the row in the mid 2000’s. As the matches continue, will the Italian team walk away with their 14th Wooden Spoon?

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