Celebrating Loy Krathong at Rainbow Casino

Loy Krathong is one of the most important holidays that is celebrated in Thailand. The date is determined by the Thai Lunar calendar, which means it falls on a different day every year. For 2017, the date falls on the 3rd November.

The word ‘Loy’ means to float, and a Krathong is a Thai floating sculpture created specifically for the holiday. A traditional Krathong is made from a cross-section of banana tree trunk, which is decorated with folded banana leaves and flowers in intricate designs. If you’re ever on holiday in Thailand during the season, you’re likely to find hundreds of Krathongs for sale. Many Thai families like to make their own Krathongs, with many schools offering Krathong contests to see who can make the most beautiful and artistic one.

The banana trunk core of the Krathong can also be replaced with Styrofoam or baked bread if need be. Thai people gather at the waterside to float their Krathongs. First light the incense or candles within the Krathong and hold it with the remainder of your family. Everyone holding the Krathong should make a wish and send the Krathong into the water with a little push. The idea of the Krathong is to carry away any troubles and offer up wishes and prayers with the incense and glowing candle. The flickering light of the candle should be followed with your eyes until it can no longer be seen.

There are other Loy Krathong holiday traditions including setting eels and turtles free in a river or pond as well as beauty pageants taking place. The most impressive of all Loy Krathong celebrations is the one that takes place in Chiang Mai. There are fantastic parades, large floats designed to look like giant Krathongs and locals dressed in regal Thai costumes.

In addition to the festivities that take place in the water, Chiang Mai also celebrates with floating lanterns. When hundreds of these are launched into the air at one time, the display is simply beautiful and cannot be missed! As with the traditional Krathong, the lantern is held as a family and released into the air together.

If you’re interested in celebrating Loy Krathong whilst enjoying the thrills of a casino, we’re celebrating the traditional Thai holiday on Tuesday 31st October from 9pm at our Aberdeen casino and Friday 3rd November from 8pm at our Bristol casino.

Our spectacular event also includes authentic dress wear, traditional Thai entertainment, a complimentary and delicious Thai food and more! For more information, get in touch with our Aberdeen or Bristol casinos today!

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