Celebrate BRITISH Pie Week at Rainbow Casino

Published 04/03/2019

Pie! Glorious pie! Whether you enjoy cottage, Shepherd’s or steak and ale, pie has been one of the of the nation’s favourite meals, for centuries.

Did you know that cottage pie is the most searched for pie recipe on the internet? Or that mince pies actually had mincemeat as a filling, centuries ago?

At Rainbow Casino we love a bit of pie. Here’s our selection of this hearty and filling meal from our brand new menu to celebrate Britsh Pie Week (4th - 10th March):

Chicken, leek and Wiltshire ham pie

Garden peas, gravy and a potato choice.

Cheese and potato pie

Garden peas, gravy and a potato choice.

Homemade cottage pie

Carrots, peas, unlimited gravy and a potato choice.

*Potato choice: Jacket potato, new potato, mashed potato, chunky chips.

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Rainbow Casino is an over-18’s venue and promotes responsible gambling & drinking.

Images from Pixabay and Uplash