Casino Games: Facts & Figures

Casinos are enjoyed by many people all over the world to enjoy the games, food and drink that is made available to them. Whilst casinos have been around years and years, with evidence of gambling dating back to as early as 2300BC.

We’ve put together our favourite facts and figures when it comes to casino gaming- and some may surprise you!

Slot Wins

Though the slot machines are a simple game to play, they are a popular game amongst gamblers. The highest ever slot win came in Las Vegas, when a 25 year old man won almost $40million. A one in 16.7million chance!


The game of roulette is also known to some as the ‘Devil’s game’, and not because it’s all down to good or bad luck. If you were to add up all the numbers on the Roulette wheel, it equals 666.


A common misconception in the game of Blackjack is that you need your cards to equate to 21 in order to win. However, in reality all you need to do is beat the dealer, and not surpass 21!


Texas-hold’em you will be dealt two cards that need to make a five card hand with at least three community cards . The traditional 52 card deck holds an impressive 2,598,960 unique five card hands. A single pair has a 42% chance of showing up in any hand.

Royal Flush

Furthermore, obtaining a royal flush in poker (when all five cards are of the same suit and in numerical order) has a 1 in 649,740 chance! Definitely not unobtainable!

52 Card Deck

There are 52 cards in a standard deck, one for every week of the year. If you add up all the symbols in one deck of cards, it equates to 365, the same amount of days in a typical year!


Cards are shuffled before a game so that the deck is in a random and unpredicted order. When a 52 deck of cards is properly shuffled, it’s probable that it has never come to the exact same order of cards in all of history!

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