Alcohol Awareness Week (19th - 25th November 2018) highlights the importance of having a conversation about alcohol and providing help to those who have become addicted. Here are some important points about the impact excessive drinking has on our bodies:

Drinking will not give you a confidence boost

Have you ever heard your friends say that they need a little “liquid courage” before approaching someone at a party? Alcohol is actually a depressant. Alcohol slows your movements, speech, how you think and how you react to situations. This is not only embarrasing on a social level, but it’s also dangerous.

Coffee will not sober you up

A panic dash to the nearest coffee shop will not sober you up. Coffee only gives off the illusion that you are sober. This increases the chance of people attempting to perform tasks such as driving, which is extremely dangerous, as you will not be sober enough to do this and can cause fatal accidents.

A session in the gym will not sober you up

Time is the only effective method to sober up from drinking. Attempting to perform intense exercises with alcohol in your system, runs the risk of you pulling a muscle or hurting yourself when using the equipment. Although some light exercise can make you feel a little better after drinking, attempting an extreme work out session in order to “sweat out the alcohol” will not work.

Drinking when pregnant is not safe

Despite this being common practice in the Victorian era; with the advancement of science and research, medical professionals collectively agree that drinking whilst pregnant can put your unborn baby at risk. If you drink whilst pregnant, this action can result in premature birth, foetal alcohol spectrum disorders and birth defects.

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